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Disabled Dating Sites

Disabled Dating Sites


Complete Guide to Online Disabled Dating

Building relationships when you have some sort of disability is always intimidating and frightening. Nevertheless, it does not mean that disabled people should not be trying to find love. Thanks to disabled dating sites, the whole process becomes significantly less stressful. Using them, you can communicate with attractive singles from all over the globe from the comfort of your home. Do not assume that disabled people cannot find a partner. Instead, jump into the world of online dating to find new friends and lovers!

The main aim of the special needs dating sites is to give disabled people a safe place to meet, communicate, and get to know each other. Unlike traditional dating, online dating is much more secure. There is nothing to worry about at matchmaking sites since all your personal information is 100% safe. Additionally, the friendly environment will help you feel calm and confident. When using disabled dating apps and sites, you always know that other members you are talking to understand you and your situation. All of this makes online dating perfect for handicapped people.

Do not worry if you have never used matchmaking websites before. In this article, we want to tell you everything you need to know about online dating for disabled people. You will find the best tips and tricks for disability dating, as well as the list of the most popular matchmaking websites. After reading this guide, any disabled person should be able to meet suitable partners over the internet. If you do not want to be single anymore, just follow our tips and you will easily find yourself a cute mail order brides or boyfriend!

Best Dating Sites for Disabled People

Many disabled people think that they will never find their love. Such thoughts are unacceptable! Everyone deserves to be loved so you should never stop searching for your soulmate. Fortunately, it is extremely easy nowadays thanks to handicapped dating websites. This is a safe, affordable, and convenient way to meet new people over the internet. You should try them yourself! Below, we have reviewed the best disabled dating sites that have already helped thousands of handicapped singles. 

Match.com: One of the Largest Mainstream Dating Sites in the World

Match.com is among the most popular dating sites on the planet. It is available in nearly every country in the world. The majority of Match members come from the United States, but you can meet singles of any nationality, race, and ethnicity.

Even though this platform is not aimed at handicapped people, it is still a great option for disabled dating thanks to its amazing popularity. The website is over 25 years old, so you definitely can trust it. Over 30 million members visit Match every day (including handicapped people), so you should find many suitable partners here.

The registration process at this website is very easy, but you will need to purchase a premium subscription to use all the features. As soon as you subscribe, you will be able to send requests and chat with other users. Premium members get matches every day, so you will get a number of suitable partners on a regular basis. Keep on using this matchmaking website and you will find your soulmate sooner or later!

Whispers4U: Biggest Wheelchair Dating Website

Whispers4U has been operating since 2002, which makes it one of the oldest dating sites for disabled singles. The platform offers a safe and friendly environment for all kinds of handicapped people. You can use this website for free, but there is also a paid membership that comes with additional features.

Premium users can watch video tutorials about disabled dating, start webcam chats, send instant messages, use the advanced search feature, and more. The best thing about this matchmaking site is that it checks for scammers and removes fraudulent accounts 24/7, so you will not suffer from scammers here.

Considering all the above, Whispers4U is definitely among the best websites for people who want to get a new disability match every day. You can meet many interesting people from any location here!

Dating4Disabled: Affordable Dating Website for Disabled People

This matchmaking platform is designed specifically for disabled singles who want to meet new friends or lovers. According to the creators of the website, they perfectly understand that disabled dating is very challenging. That is why they tried their best to build a friendly and safe atmosphere for people with any kind of disabilities. The website is easy to navigate and use so even the new users will not have any problems with it.

Myriads of disabled people visit this disabled dating site every day. Feel free to browse their personal profiles and pictures! Dating4Disabled offers everything you need to find a partner online, including text chats, advanced search options, daily matches, and more. People from all over the world use it so there is a huge chance that you will find suitable partners nearby you. You can try it and see it for yourself right now!

Disabled Passions: Free Dating Website for Disabled Singles

Disabled Passions is the most affordable dating website for handicapped people since it is completely free. In fact, it is a huge and friendly networking community that offers much more than just matchmaking services.

This website comes with a huge choice of content related to dating for disabled people, including tutorials, games, collected resources, and more. Just like any other matchmaking website, it offers a variety of communication tools, including chats, message boards, and audio messages. Do not lose an opportunity to find a suitable disabled partner and register at Disabled Passions right now!

During the registration, the website may ask you to turn off the ad blocker. You will have to do in order to use Disabled Passions. Do not worry: the website deserves your trust and there are not that many ads, so you can safely use it with a disabled adblocker.

Meet Disabled Singles: International Dating Site for Disabled People

This website is one of the largest dating platforms when it comes to linking handicapped people with suitable partners. The website allows disabled singles to sort out potential friends or lovers by location, religion, education, sexuality, type of disability, and more. In terms of communication functionality, it is pretty standard: you can send text messages, start video chats, and make audio calls.

Meet Disabled Singles can be used for free. Any person can sign up and use the basic features, including modifying their account, browsing other profiles, and sending flirts. As you might have guessed, there is also a paid membership for those who want to get even more features such as advanced search and daily matches. You can register at this website for free and get a premium membership at any moment in case if you will ever need it!

Disability Match: Convenient Handicapped Dating Site with a Mobile App

This is a UK-based matchmaking website made specifically for handicapped people, just as its name suggests. It is used by people with a wide range of disabilities, which means that everyone is accepted here. The administration of the website pays special attention to safety so Disability Match is absolutely free from scammers. Additionally, they offer detailed tutorials on online dating for disabled people.

This matchmaking service comes with a great mobile app available on both iOS and Android. With the help of it, you can search potential partners by location, disability, personal interests, and more. Specializing in the United Kingdom, this platform is one of the best options for British people. The membership cost is very low, so everyone should be able to afford it. If you live in the UK, we recommend you to try it as soon as possible!

Disabled Dating 4U: Biggest Site for Disabled People in the UK

This matchmaking website based in the United Kingdom has been operating since 2009. Over the last decade, it has turned into one of the most popular dating sites for disabled people. Even though it is mostly used by people from the UK, it is available in many other countries.

The registration at Disabled Dating 4U is absolutely free. The website has two types of membership: free trial and gold. Additionally, you can buy a VIP subscription to get even more features such as have priority listing on the website and be featured on the main pages for other users.

Overall, it is a great option for English-speaking people. Thousands of successfully matched couples from all over the globe are the best proof of this. We highly recommend you to try this dating website!

EliteSingles: One of the Most Popular Mainstream Dating Sites

As you might have guessed, EliteSingles is a mainstream dating site made for people interested in serious relationships. It is used primarily by elite grownups who want to find someone of the same social level. Nevertheless, many disabled people use it on a daily basis. Most of the EliteSingles members have a university degree, so you can meet many highly intelligent people here.

If you want to try using Elitesingles, make sure you have enough time since the website requires you to fill in a huge questionnaire during the registration. You will have to share details about your personal interests, education, occupation, preferences, and more. After you do that, the matchmaking platform will automatically offer you a number of matches based on your preferences, which is very convenient.

Interesting Facts and Statistics about Disabled Dating

There are many cool facts about disabled dating that may shock you. We have gathered some of the most interesting of them below!

As you can see, the negative perception of disabled people leads to a lack of emotional experience and insecurities among handicapped people. Despite that, you should never give up! Instead, learn how to accept everything your life has offered to you. Remember that everyone deserves to be loved. If you keep on searching, one day you will definitely meet someone who will make you happy!

How to Meet Disabled Singles: Useful Tips

Building a relationship is especially hard for handicapped people. It can be extremely intimidating and scary. Fortunately, finding a date online is easier since you can meet a suitable partner who would not make you feel awkward. Nowadays, even if you have a disability, you should not simply give up and be single for the rest of your life. Instead, get yourself together and start searching for your soulmate right now! Do not let insecure thoughts ruin your personal life. With some dating advice listed below, you should be able to overcome anxiety and build a healthy relationship.

Be honest about your disability in your profile

Dating sites for people with disabilities allow handicapped singles to meet many potential suitors. However, at mainstream dating sites, not everyone is ready to date someone with a disability. In order to avoid mixed matches, you should always be honest about your condition. It will help you avoid misunderstandings.

Additionally, remember that people are very curious. They are good at noticing differences. Your disability makes other singles curious. They want to start asking questions such as what condition you have, do you need help in the bathroom, whether you can have sex, and so on. Of course, they understand they cannot actually ask you that, but you know they are probably thinking about it. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can always show your date that you are okay with your condition. Humor is the easiest way to do that since you can put any person at ease with a funny and flirty joke about your disability.

Choose accessible places for dates

Choosing the right place for a date is very important for wheelchair dating. As any handicapped person who uses wheelchair knows, traveling around city can be very challenging sometimes. It becomes even harder if you do not have a wheelchair van. That is why you should pick accessible and convenient locations when meeting with someone for a date. Make sure that the place can accommodate your needs. This way your partner will be focused on you and your personality instead of struggling with various barriers in the town environment.

Drink responsibly

This tip is useful for both traditional and handicapped dating. You should not drink too much on your first date. Of course, having a couple of glasses of wine is OK, but you need to keep your ability to judge, reason, and take care of yourself. Do not forget that your potential partner you met online may be looking for an opportunity to take advantage of you. After all, you are seeing them for the first time in your life! Unfortunately, our society is not perfect, so you should always be careful with strangers.

Do not concentrate on your disability

Being straightforward about your condition is good, but you are more than just a handicapped person. Do not focus on your disability too much! The main point of your online profile is to show what kind of person you are. Your potential partners should not be only interested in your condition! On the contrary, you need to talk about things most people do on first dates. Therefore, try to express your personality and talk about your hobbies and interests instead of the negative aspects of your life.

Traditional Dating Websites: Are They Even Good for Disability Dating?

There are many dating sites for disabled people, but you do not have to use them. Nobody can stop you from using mainstream matchmaking services. There are many handicapped people who use traditional dating apps and websites such as eHarmony, Match, Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and other options popular nowadays. Of course, disabled people may face more questioning or even get higher rejection rates, but these dating platforms are very popular, so there are many potential partners to choose from.

When using traditional dating websites, stick to the tips we have already listed above. Customize your profile in the way to reflect your inner beauty: focus your personal interests and hobbies. Do not be shy and send messages to singles you are interested in. Just start the conversation with a simple icebreaker phrase without worrying about being rejected. Comment on similarities between the two of you, or share a fun or funny experience and relate it to their profile.

Nevertheless, remember that traditional dating sites are significantly bigger than services for disabled people. Some users here receive dozens of messages every day. Therefore, do not feel bad if other people will not like you back. Just keep on trying and you will definitely meet someone!

Final Words on Dating Sites for People with Disabilities

As you can see, there are many dating sites aimed specifically at disabled people. Using them, you can easily meet suitable partners from all over the world. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and hiding from the world, sign up at one of the disabled dating websites for free and start searching for your soulmate. Every person deserved to be loved, and you are not an exception! 


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